The planed flight – is a clear example of global communications, which shows once more Russia’s openness to worldwide partnership. Specialists from many countries are working together with russian team to realize the project in the best way: the balloon and the gondola are made in Bristol (England) by Cameron Balloons, the unique autopilot was developed by American professor Bruce Comstock, Belgium meteorologist and professor David Dehenauw who helped to predict the weather, and technical consultants from Russia, USA and Australia are responsible for filling the balloon with the air, Spanish suppliers delivered balloon fabric, Swiss chronometer brand Breitling is the official flight timekeeper.

The project has a very important world meaning and has been realizing with an active organizational help of main investment partner Morton Company Group. In the same time Russia possesses the central part in the project: Fedor Konyukhov is Russian, the main project partner is Russian Group of companies Morton, the balloon is equipped by Russian facilities.
The project is included in Russian Geographical Society calendar.
The 1st Vice-President of RGS Artur Chilingarov is the patron of the expedition.

Fedor Philippovich
Traveler, writer, painter,
aerosat and balloon pilot
Oskar Fedorovich
CEO of Russian Yachting Federation
Arthur Nikolaevich
The 1st Vice-President of Russian Geographical Society
Don Cameron
Aeronaut and Founder of
Cameron Balloons
David Dehenauw
Head of meteorology in Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Bruce Comstock
Aeronaut, developer and creator of electric equipment
Aleksander Valerevich
Founder, the Chief Owner and the President of Morton Group Companies


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