Technical features of Morton balloon

Morton balloon is an aerostat of Rosiere type in which the lifting force is created by helium and heating air. The balloon will be rising up and keeping height balanced with the help of solar heat and by helium extension in the daytime and by gas burners in the nighttime (the main purpose of gas burners is to heat the air in lower section).

up 300
15 500
cubic meters
the balloon volume
start weight
finish weight
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click the balloon
the carbon fiber gondola
with a hatch and a illuminator
the fireproof layer
the inner cover
the hot air supply
the tube for receiving
and removing the air
the main helium compartment
the outer cover
the decompression valve
the parachute valve
the coverage
the upper helium compartment
up -60°
Celsius degrees
ambient temperature
до 11 000
flight height
modern aircrafts
up -40°
Celsius degrees
ambient temperature
8 848
Chomolungma (Mount Everest)
is the highest mountain on Earth
26 February 1992
Fedor Konyukhov conquered Mount Everest
within the Program “Seven Summits”
up -30°
Celsius degrees
ambient temperature
5 642
The highest mountain
top of Russia is Elbrus
14 May 1992
Fedor Konyukhov conquered Mount Elbrus
within the Seven Summits Program
maximum height of Morton balloon
the pilot regularly goes out of gondola to check and clean burners from ice and switch gas tanks
on 5 000 meters height the pilot uses an oxygen mask
the gondola has two keels and an ancor
which would be used as a 7-day autonomous
life boat if it’s necessary to land on water